Establishing a strong relationship with the target audience, having space in their memory, standing out from the crowd and what not? These are the benefits of strong branding strategies provide. Your branding describes your business and that description must be strong enough to be recalled. That’s why today branding is becoming a worthy investing option when deciding the budget of a business. 

Defining a brand identity involves everything which describes the identity and nature of business i.e., name, logo, symbol, design, tag line etc. In this highly competitive digital age, branding is crucial for a business. Hence doing it right is a must. An effective branding strategy will not only develop your fan base but also gets your company recognition and positive acknowledgement in the industry.

However, there are many ways that branding strategies may go wrong or work negatively. We thoroughly analyze the current brand presence of the clients initially when they inquire about branding services at RP Outsourcing. Our idea is to help our clients follow the right approach and avoid the following branding mistakes.

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Branding Mistakes to Avoid

There are many mistakes businesses should avoid while creating a branding strategy. A little fault here can cause a lot of trouble to the business entity. Elaborating few of them here in this article for a brief study! It’s important to learn from mistakes and timely correction can create miracles.

Here are a few mistakes you must rectify or resolve to brand your business right:

Failing to answer WH questions of Target Audience

The target audience asks the following questions to a Brand.

  • Who are you?
  • What are you?
  • Why are you?

These simple questions decide your brand identity, meaning, response and relationship with your target audience. A poor brand strategy will create confusion in the target audience about your brand. Such brands fail miserably in markets. Setting clear goals and messages to your branding agency will help to avoid these mistakes. Be realistic while deciding your brand identity and its meaning. Ultimately this will create response and relationships among the target audience. The only reason why tooth pest=Colgate is its excellent branding strategy which established a strong relationship with the target audience.

Unique is not equal to successful

Unique is good, but not always. It is quite possible to create blunders while trying to make our branding strategy unique. Our target audience is smart enough, so they are often bombarded with bulky brand identities. Seeking simplicity in branding strategy is an excellent option to have. Target audiences would preferably get attracted to simple yet effective branding campaigns rather than those heavy messages. Amul is the best example of how simplicity in branding is a blessing for the company. Overstressing on uniqueness will hinder the branding agencies’ innovativeness. Emphasize on innovative ideas which are simple yet different to get noticed.

Less Visibility  

Visual memory is the most powerful memory according to science. There are plenty of brands which failed badly after getting successful campaigns due to their inconsistent presence in the market. Your target audience is not bound to remember you keep that in mind. Having inconsistent visibility in the market will fade your brand identity. Hence it is necessary to be there often in the market so that people remember your brand. Avoiding your target audience’s attention is a real bad habit to have. Engage with customers through social media platforms, seek their opinions in designing, respond to their queries and most importantly be visible. 

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Being Rigid

Yes, you read it right. Old is not gold here in the case of branding. If change is constant, then why to stick with old methods and beliefs. Every brand reaches a phase where it must take tough calls on changing its brand identity completely because it is a need of an hour. New is good. Over the period, brands go through a saturation phase. A makeover can help bounce back. There are many business houses which are working for decades, but not all have stuck to their old branding strategies. For example, PepsiCo has changed its appearance from time to time as a part of its branding strategies to stay active and fresh in the market. Be it their packaging, slogan/catchphrase, feeling, or even advertising.

Brand Extensions  

When not done correctly brand extensions eat up all the brand equity in one go. If you as a brand trying to extend your brand by adding new products to the line under the same brand name, you will have to check on it twice. Not all brand extensions are good. It can damage the performance of your current products too. If you are a good brand name for mobile phones, it is not necessary the buyers would like to buy a TV of yours too! When entering a different segment, a different set of buyers with different motivations, fact checks are required. If not done correctly, it can drown your generic brand equity too.

Not every story is a success story, but every story gets success sooner or later. Sticking to your mistakes makes you pity as a brand and overcoming them is a strong move. Corrections when taken promptly result in success. What if your brand strategy failed once? What if you failed to get noticed or misinterpreted once? Be responsive rather than reactive while forming your branding strategies. Success waits for them who don’t believe in waiting for success!

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