6 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019 To Empower your Business

Believe it or not, the truth is that digital marketing has taken the world of marketing & advertising to a new dimension. However, if you remain stagnant in the digital industry, there are pretty good chances to get outrun by your peers. To stay active and productive in the digital space, you need to stay updated, keep up with the trends, and improve your goodwill all the time. With the digital medium growing, it is now more than important to stay ahead of the curve.
Every business, whether small or large, is going digital. Having a website and some sort of digital presence is not enough to survive the race to dominance in the online space. With the evolution of the digital space and thanks to the fierce competition, the world is moving fast and the consumer trends or behavior changes almost every day.
If you’re in the fashion industry, then you must know what exactly the importance of trends is in the real world. The case is no different in the digital industry.

Best Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

With so many trends hitting the digital marketing world, it is difficult to make out which one to ignore and which one to follow. Yes, not all trends are productive or smart. You must pick the ones that will keep your business moving forward positively. Staying in the news or active in the digital space doesn’t always mean good for your business. You got to be picky and follow the best digital marketing trends.

Hence, we have compiled a list of best digital marketing trends to follow in 2019. Let’s check it out!

ROI is not always Sales

Emphasizing on ROI is very important but measuring the ROI by sales figures is not wise in this industry. While the end goal for every business is to grow the sales numbers, it is a process in the digital industry. Your business needs to build a relationship with both your existing and potential customers. If your return on investment is growing your followers base on social media or subscribers base for email campaigns, then it’s productive for your business as well.

Creating Digital Assets

Just like the movable and immovable assets in the real world, the digital world assets are also vital and can yield returns in the longer run. You can create an eBook, write a highly informational blog post, host exciting contests, shoot/upload tutorial videos, or add useful resources and create your list of digital assets. Digital assets, if done right, are evergreen and will keep attracting visitors round the clock. Owning such digital assets help you generate leads/sales passively.  

Are you confused about creating digital assets? Well, let us help you generate ideas for evergreen digital assets designed to yield fruitful results.

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Expand & Go Global

The beauty of the digital industry is the fact that it’s not restricted to one location. If your target market has access to the internet, you can hit the domain from anywhere. If you are doing well locally and wish to take your business one level further, then it’s the right time to expand and go global. However, the dynamics of going global varies depending on the type of business. If it involves shipping and transports, then it will be a bit more challenging. However, you can always expand and hit the global market if you are in an online service-based industry or sell digital products.

Data is Important

Data is more important than anything in the digital space. Every data is vital now. You can analyze the buyer trends, predict the buyer intent, develop a buyer persona, identify the best time to market products/services with the help of data. At RP Consulting, we have certified data analysts and scientists who can help you research and analyze your existing data as well as external data based on your industry and business type. Without proper data research in place, you are simply aiming in the dark.

Mobile Comes First

Today, more than half of the internet traffic comes from a smartphone or tablet device. If your website is not responsive to multiple devices or your business doesn’t have a mobile application, you are losing a lot of prospects in the process. It is crucial in 2019 to adopt a Mobile-First policy for every campaign and marketing strategy.

RP Consulting can help you convert your website responsive to all mobile devices and assist you with mobile application development for both Android and iOS platforms at feasible rates.

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Influencer Marketing

Ever wondered why most of the top brands in the world hire renowned celebrities to endorse their products/services? Well, that’s called influencer marketing. Yes, it costs millions and sometimes even billions to hire Robert Downey Jr. to promote your brand. However, in the digital space, you are not limited to icons like RD. You also have a wide range of options with internet celebs and influencers in the YouTube and Instagram space. Identify the best lot as per your business type and start your influencer marketing campaign and watch your sales grow.

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It is not wise to ignore these digital marketing trends. If you want to ensure that your business doesn’t miss out on these trends, then feel free to call our digital marketing and branding experts at RP Consulting today!