6 Effective Lead Opportunities That B2C and B2B Companies Mustn't Ignore

Leads fuel the growth of every business in the digital space, whereas the sales are the lifeline. Most of your potential customers and prospects own a smart device with access to the internet. Relying on a single mode of lead generation funnel is not enough to cater to such a high volume of prospects. You need multiple lead magnets and implement different lead generation solutions while exploring new lead sources in the industry.

With growing smartphone usage and easy internet accessibility, it is now more important than ever to invest in the right channels for lead generation. Instead of setting up one lead magnet, marketers must analyze the current trends of the industry and implement the best lead acquisition tactics creating multiple sources to gain prospects and generate sales in the process.

Best Lead Sources for Marketers in 2019

Creating or acquiring a list of contacts is not enough to generate leads. You need to be creative and open to new ideas. Identify your customer profile and target leads from the best lead sources in this digital era.

To help you get the best leads for your business, we have compiled a list of best lead sources for B2C and B2B marketers in 2019:

Never Ignore Quora

While marketing online, we invest a lot of time and resources on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In doing so, we often ignore the biggest and unexplored social network of all times where people are looking for viable solutions or answers. Yes, we are talking about Quora. The Question-and-Answer site is huge today and you can find questions relevant to any niche here.

You can improve the credibility and authority in your domain by answering questions related to the products or services your company/business offers. You can also provide a relevant link within the answer or add your Company URL or specific landing page on your Quora profile.

Live Chat or Chatbots

Ever noticed a chat window popping up on a website as soon as you visit the page? Well, that’s the live chat feature or chatbots installed by the website owner to cater the incoming traffic. In general, a website is an online address of your company where you highlight your products or services and expect the visitors to buy them. However, in 2019, you can personalize the overall experience of each visitor making it to your website.

Installing or configuring a live chat feature or a chatbot will keep your traffic engaged and answer their general queries in no time. The live chat feature will guide them directly to the solution and improve the chances of conversions.

RP Consulting helps businesses to implement Live Chat or Chatbots on company websites to boost conversions and sales.

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Making the best of Email Signatures

Emails are the best medium for conversations today, especially for professional communications. However, most businesses fail to address the most important element in an email, the signature section. Adding a promotional giveaway, discount offer, or a link describing a new product in your Email signatures can do wonders. When the recipient is reading your emails, they are also able to see the Email signatures.

With some formatting, you can make your email signature stand out within the email content and encourage the recipient to click-through. Make sure that you use an exciting, noteworthy anchor text to every link you add in your Email signatures. You can implement this strategy on official company emails as well as the email signatures of the top executives in your company.

Retargeting or Remarketing

Online buyers are lazy compared to offline buyers. The online buyers will often surf the products or services on your website but leave without registering for some reason. If you add a retargeting pixel on your website, then you can retarget such users with Facebook or Instagram ads leading them to your desired landing page or lead magnet. With retargeting or remarketing, you can still retain the potential customers who left your website without taking any initiative.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is losing its charm in the era of emails and social media. Well, the tactic is not losing its edge because of ineffectiveness but ignorance. In the advent of emails and social media, companies are hardly focusing on cold calling tactics and the feeling of getting rejected is making things worse. For cold calling to work, you need an effective script where the executive clicks with the person on the other instantly.

To achieve that connection, you need experienced executives who know the basics of calling, the right kind of words to speak, and the tone with the prospect. Here’s where RP Consulting can come to your aid.

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Interview Series

If you have a company blog, podcast series, or a YouTube channel, then consider conducting interviews of authority figures in the industry. If you can make them praise your products or services, then it’s the icing on the cake. People are interested in reading interviews with top influencers and you can set up the right chord with your visitors by displaying the type of people vouching for your brand. Such series often attract a lot of traffic and you can set up CTAs to convert the traffic into prospects and later prospects into leads.

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That’s it. You can implement these lead generation tactics into your marketing system and watch the sales and conversion numbers go up in no time. If you need professional assistance to help you implement the best lead generation tactics for your business, then feel free to contact RP Consulting team now!